Supervision with Nancy Amendt-Lyon:

Sexuality and Intimacy from a Gestalt Therapeutic Approach.

November 11, 2019, 10:00 - 18:15 | 2600 Kč / 100 EUR | 10-12 participants

In this supervision seminar, participants will have the opportunity to discuss their work with sexual issues as relational difficulties from a gestalt therapeutic (phenomenological, dialogical) approach. We will include cultural and sociopolitical backgrounds to emerging sexual difficulties that clients / patients present. Issues of sensuality, sexual attraction, and moments of intimacy within the co-created psychotherapeutic situation will be explored. The supervision of the individual participants' own cases includes working with reversed roles, experiential work in the group as a whole, triads (experimenting as psychotherapist/patient/observer), and theoretical inputs.

photography by Igor Fecko

Nancy Amendt-Lyon

Nancy was born in New York, NY, and studied psychology in the United States, Switzerland, and Austria, earning an MA and a Dr. phil. Since 1978 she has been in private practice and works in English as well as in German with adults, either individually, as couples, or in groups. Her training is in Gestalt therapy and group psychoanalysis. Nancy works and lives in Vienna, Austria.

It is a great honor to host Nancy in Brno as she is a renowned Gestalt therapy practitioner, trainer and supervisor across Europe, she published numerous articles and book chapters. Here we list some information from Nancy's professional CV:

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