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Inner Active Cards

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Artistically crafted, hand-illustrated cards for therapy and coaching work using the Internal Family Systems (IFS) therapeutical approach. This approach works with the premise that a personality is composed of various sub-personalities symbolizing human needs, emotions and mental states.

The cards contain only minimal text and therefore stimulate imagination, provoke reflection and insight. The images help to express what cannot be captured in words and offer efficient projective tool.

The cards help with understanding one's mental states and contradictory feelings and thoughts.

They can be useful for psychotherapists in individual and group sessions and also for trainers and coaches in reflective practice.

The author of the cards is Sharon Eckstein, published by Backwood Press. 

The official website 

offers more information, case studies and describes ways how to work with the cards in practice. The cards are subject to copyright which lies fully with Sharon Eckstein and the Backwood Press. 

A box of Inner Active Cards, 3rd edition

75 unique cards in the box

790 Kč | 33 EUR

Shipping - Czech Republic

79 Kč | 3,5 EUR

Shipping EU (snail mail)

200 Kč | 8 EUR

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