Therapy & Counseling

Therapy helps a person to take better care of their soul, relationships and life.
Therapist is there to be your companion on the journey to manage on your own. 

We believe that therapy is great support in care of our psychological health, personal or professional development and troubles we might experience in relationships.  It broadens person's perspectives on understanding their own inner life, relationships and the world they are living in. Therapy contributes to human capacity to hold life firmly in one's hands, make conscious choices and achieve higher degree of life happiness.

If you are considering to enter therapy we will be happy to become the companions on your journey. On this page we offer basic information about us and services we offer. You can contact us via online form on the bottom of this page or write to and we will reach to you soon.

What might be the issues we can attend together?

  • understanding to your own feelings and how to handle them
  • relationships with family members, life partners and people around you
  • everyday problems and situations that you find hard to manage on your own
  • life crossroads, stress and difficult life situations
  • addictions and tendencies towards them
  • troubles in communication
  • relationship with yourself and self-perception
  • feeling of being lost in life
  • problems at work, work - life balance
  • and anything else that you find important

Mgr. Tomáš Andrášik

Tomáš (*1986) is a therapist in training (INSTEP - integrative Gestalt), counselor and trainer. He works with clients in psychotherapy since 2017.  Tomas has rich experiences with personal development groups and counseling at Faculty of Education, Masaryk University. Currently he is working with individual clients and self-experiential groups. He is also exploring the Gestalt Theatre method and use of theatrical approaches in group therapy. 

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Mgr. Veronika Nýdrlová, Ph. D.

Veronika (*1987) is a therapist in a community and a trainer at Faculty of Education, Masaryk University. She went through a complex five years long integrative psychotherapeutical training (Skála institute) and is currently undergoing training in family therapy on psychosomatical disorders (Lirtaps). She teaches applied drama, personal development courses and experiential learning at Faculty of Education. Since 2010 she has been teaching and performing Playback theatre in Czech republic.


We think about therapy as a service that can be very helpful in certain periods of life. It is an opportunity to take care of your soul and well being. 


  • Individual therapy - 600 Kč / 25 EUR / 50 minutes 
  • Counseling for couples - 1800 Kč / 70 EUR / 80 minutes (two therapists - woman & man)

Get in touch

If you are hesitant we gladly offer you 30 minutes for consultation to clarify your questions and needs.  We can discuss our potential cooperation or help you find more suitable options of professional help.